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    Hello all,…….. my latest project to be has arrived & if anyone is willing & able to share information on it I would appreciate their input. Came in a folding leather case as normal.
    Would like to know the maker without taking it apart right now so I can do more research before starting it, that will also help me to decide how to handle the damage(to polish or not etc.) It would be nice to know what the regulater looked like, so I can make one to match if possible. I’m guessing the person with the file caught it braking the hairspring as well. It’ll be needing a new main spring arbour too,………. thank goodness for lathes 🙂
    Many thanks for your time & looking.


    That is ambitious of you. I suppose you can call it a learning experience.
    To me that clockworks looks like a lost cause. On eBay you can buy a
    mechanical travel alarm clock that works for about $10.


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